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The Bright Future of NuCalm Sedation Dentistry

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

NuCalm Brightens the Future of Sedation Dentistry

In traditional sedation dentistry, dentists use controlled substances to calm nervous patients. Fortunately, thanks to NuCalm dentists no longer need to use drugs to sedate their most anxious patients. NuCalm is a proven, safe, chemical-free, sedation-dentistry system. The dentist neither injects drugs into patients nor requires them to breath “laughing gas”. NuCalm system components consist of dietary supplements, a cranial electrical stimulation (CES) device, calming music with neuroacoustic sound, and light-blocking glasses that reduce distractions.

How NuCalm Works

At the beginning of a dental appointment, the dentist (or dental practitioner or hygienist) administers the NuCalm system through four steps:

1. The dentist gives the patient NuCalm proprietary chewable dietary supplements that contain only natural ingredients. These supplements are formulated to help the patient relax by counteracting the effects of adrenalin. A nervous person’s body produces adrenalin, which amplifies the nervousness.

2. The dentist places NuCalm microcurrent electrode patches behind the patient’s ears, connects wires from the electrodes to the CES device, and then turns it on. The low current helps the patient feel calm and happy.

3. The patient puts on NuCalm noise-cancelling headphones, and the dentist connects them to an MP3 player to play neuroacoustic software, which is mixture of soothing music and computer-generated sound. This neuroacoustic music and sound has been programmed to set the patient’s Alpha brain waves to a pre-sleep frequency, between 8Hz and 12Hz.

4. The patient puts on NuCalm light-blocking glasses, which can be either opaque or tinted. The light-blocking glasses limit visual distractions so the patient can relax more easily and completely.

The Benefits of NuCalm

The NuCalm system benefits both patients and their dentists. For example:

The near-sleep state induced by the NuCalm system keeps the patient remain calm and unafraid during a dental procedure. Therefore, the dentist can focus on the procedure without worrying about whether the patient is too nervous.

Though a patient who is in a near-sleep state can respond to a dentist’s vocal instructions, the patient otherwise ignores most of the procedure. A patient who ignores a procedure tends to worry less about it.

A fully relaxed patient is less likely to move unexpectedly. Therefore, injuries to the patient and dentist are less likely.

There is no recovery time after a procedure because the NuCalm system is drug free. Therefore the patient can drive immediately.

For many people, fear of dentistry is so intense it prevents their seeking adequate and timely treatment. People who avoid dental treatment for too long not only risk losing some or all teeth, they also risk other serious illnesses, including jaw infections and digestive disorders. Therefore, if you are fearful and reluctant, make an appointment with a dentist who uses the NuCalm sedation-dentistry system. You will find that you can experience pleasant, stress-free dentistry.

Dr. Brown Addresses Dental Anxiety

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Perhaps there is no other healthcare profession like dentistry that has the unfortunate (and false) reputation causing pain rather than preventing or eliminating it. For all the good that dentists do to improve our well-being, there are many patients with fears about sitting in the dentist’s chair. But whatever the reasons, there are countless people (young an old), who have dental anxiety.

For your teeth’s sake, there are ways to combat dental anxiety, a condition sure to cause cavities. If positive reinforcement, learning to control fear and other behavior management techniques don’t do the trick, dental sedation could ease your mind and allow you to get your teeth cleaned.

What would it be like to snooze through your dental appointment and not even remember that you were here?

It sounds like it comes from the dream book of every anxious dental patient and yet it is here. Today with just a few small pills it is possible to have safe, comfortable dental care while you snooze. Not awake, yet not asleep. No intravenous needles. No general anesthesia. No anxiety, No pain.

Sedation can occur through inhalation (nitrous oxide aka laughing gas), intravenously or orally through a pill or liquid. All of these are safe and can address most forms of dental anxiety by allowing you to get dental work done and simultaneously relieving the anxiety you feel inside.

Usually these forms of sedation are used in combination with a local anesthetic (Novocaine), to insure maximum comfort. These methods relieve stress and allow you to have a healthy smile without all of the worry.

Other dental and medical professionals, with whom I have discussed this approach, leave our office amazed that such a gentle and safe method could accomplish so much. They observe first hand, an extremely nervous patient go for a snooze and have all of their dentistry done painlessly. This method is especially suited for having most of your necessary dental procedures done in a minimum number of visits.

If you, or anyone who you care about, family of friends, would like to have any dental care done while snoozing, we would be glad to help. Our whole staff has been expertly trained to make your dental visits easy and comfortable.

Our team is unconditionally committed to providing your dental needs in a nurturing, caring and stress and anxiety free manner. Your comfort is our “Job Number One!”