How Gum Disease
Could Lead to Cancer

The mouth is often a window to an individual’s overall health, and a reflection of your well-being. Ignoring the health of your mouth can mask the early signs of more serious diseases. Periodontal (gum) disease has been shown to be associated with many systemic and life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some lung disorders. Gum disease produces toxins which cause chronic inflammation which negatively effects teeth, gums and supporting jaw bone.

Dangers of Gum Disease

Recent published research has suggested that periodontal (gum) disease may be associated with certain forms of cancer. (click here to review the article)
Timo Sorsa along with a team from the University of Helsinki conducted research in which they investigated the link between periodontitis and the rates of cancer-related mortality. The evidence showed a strong relationship between gum disease and pancreatic cancer.

Importance of Oral Health

We can see by these studies that attention to oral health needs to be a top priority in the preservation of overall health. Prevention of gum disease and aggressive treatment if it is present will contribute to maintaining overall health and protection from related and potentially life-threatening diseases. Preventative dentistry is  important because it can help us to avoid so many future oral and general health problems. If you notice symptoms of gum disease in your mouth or that of a loved one please contact us today. Early intervention can provide peace of mind regarding the preservation of overall health. Philadelphia Periodontist Dr. Stephen Brown and our team can work with you in helping to make you feel comfortable and content and give you some peace of mind about the worries you may have. Gum disease can be prevented and it doesn’t need to be scary or uncomfortable. We look forward to hearing from you.