SMART Bone Grafting
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The SMART Bone Grafting Technique is minimally invasive, and it is a method that has been perfected and developed by Dr. Ernesto Lee. It allows you to take advantage of a superior level of bone regeneration but with less pain. You also have less swelling and less complications when compared to other bone grafting procedures. A small incision is made and there is no need for membranes, tending screws or even elevation. This treatment is going to drastically improve the future of bone grafting in general.

An Alternative to Some of the Many Challenging Scenarios

The SMART method was developed initially to provide a much more predictable alternative to some of the challenging scenarios that periodontists were facing. Traditional flap-based approaches often result in exposure of the membrane and this can lead to recession, gingival defects and also loss of papillae as well. This can have catastrophic consequences.

How does the SMART Technique Work?

The SMART technique only requires a very small incision. A growth factor mixture will be applied to the site and this is usually performed with minimal risk and complications too. The SMART technique was published for the very first time in April 2017 and ever since then, it has rocketed in terms of success. When you look at knee surgery and how it has changed, you will soon see that the driving force behind the now minimally-invasive procedures are actually laparoscopic tools. When you see a periodontist who is SMART certified, you will soon see that they have the highest level of training required to do the treatment and it’s also ideal for regenerating lost bone. SMART indications tend to include bone growth prior to implant placement. This can include ridge atrophy, trauma and even congenitally missing teeth. It’s also possible for SMART treatment to be used for jaw expansion. They might not have enough bone thickness to allow for movement of the tooth.

This ideally works for those who do not have enough bone to suit an implant. Take the following for example, where a patient is seeking implant therapy. The jawbone is surrounded by a cortical bone, but it is not sufficient enough for an implant to be placed. The new jawbone that has been created as the result of the bone grafting technique however has a much wider area. Patients report little discomfort and swelling after the procedure, but the bone does need 6 months to heal before the next stage of the therapy can be carried out.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a long-term solution if you have missing teeth that you need to replace. Dr. I. Stephen Brown will place the implant into your jawbone where it will act as an artificial replacement for the root of your missing teeth. This can easily support crowns or dentures, in a very similar way in that roots support your natural teeth. Of course, having missing teeth can knock your confidence and it can also affect the way that you eat or speak. Dental implants can give you a discreet or long-lasting treatment if you want to have your teeth replaced.

A dental implant is a screw that is made out of titanium. This is placed right into your jawbone and it replaces your missing tooth root. After it has been fitted, the bone around the implant then fuses to it, keeping it in place. A false tooth, that is often referred to as being a crown or a denture is then fitted on top, giving you a very natural look to your smile. You can have a single implant or you can have multiple implants, if you know that you need to have more than one tooth replaced. It is more than possible for you to have several implants fitted during the same procedure. If you have few or no teeth, then it may be that you need implants and a bridge fitted so that you can regain your confidence.

Why the SMART Technique Works for Implants

The SMART technique works very well for implants. The main reason for this is because when your teeth rot away, or if you have missing teeth, you may find that your jawbone is not able to support implants at all. This can put you in a bad situation, but thanks to the SMART technique, you no longer need to worry about this at all. You can easily get the implants you need put in without having to worry about your teeth. Implants are the preferred option if you want to stop any damage to your existing teeth. Implants can be the preferred option if you want to stop yourself from causing damage to the teeth you have now. This can happen if you have a bridge as sometimes you would have to cut into the natural teeth you have just to fit them.

Am I A Candidate for SMART Bone Grafting?

If you are not sure if you are a candidate for implants or SMART bone grafting then you have nothing to worry about. Dr. Brown can easily advise you on whether or not you are suited to the procedure and can also help you to understand the basis of it so you know exactly what is going to happen. If you want to find out if you could benefit from SMART bone grafting or if you want to find out if it is an option for you then the only thing that you have to do is contact us today. When you do get in touch with us, you can count on us to work with you to not only make sure that you are able to get the support you need with your treatment, but to also work with you to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the process. We always take a personal approach with our treatments, so if you need a team who are there for you every step of the way then you know that we are the right choice.


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