10 Questions to Ask an Implant Dentist
In Philadelphia

You’ve been told a dental implant would be an appropriate solution to your dental problem. If you’re looking for an implant dentist, Philadelphia has many options. To make the best choice, it is important to become a thoroughly informed consumer. To have a positive and successful experience you must make certain that the credentials, reputation and experience of the person you are selecting to place your implant is impeccable.

To that end here are ten questions you should ask to make sure you obtain the best possible treatment outcome and highest quality of care you should expect.

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(1) Is the implant dentist Board Certified in his or her specialty? Not all dentists performing implant procedures are equally trained. Make certain that your specialist has the most advanced training and experience to provide the treatment you require. Board certification in one’s specialty is a universally acknowledged standard of excellence that you can rely upon.

Ask if the doctor is Board Certified in his or her specialty.


(2) How comprehensive was the training your dentist received concerning dental implants? Some dentists placing implants have only attended a one or two day introductory course in dental implants. It takes years of experience and hundreds, if not thousands of implants to develop the necessary expertise. You want your implant done once; you want it done right…. And, you don’t want to have to do it again!

Ask the doctor for the specifics of their formal training.


(3) Has the implant specialist kept up with the latest technology? A comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan is essential. What courses has the specialist taken recently? Even specialists can become rusty or fall behind on their training. Proper renewal courses are necessary to bring a dentist up to date on new techniques and technology.

Ask the dentist what implant courses has he or she attended within the last year.


(4) How much experience does the doctor have placing implants? It is important to select a provider who has a great deal of experience to ensure efficient, quality careand a successful outcome.

Ask the specialist how often he or she places implants and for how many years have they been doing so ?


(5) Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning is essential to a successful outcome. The current standard of care is the use of a Cone Beam Cat Scan to assess the quality, quantity, and volume of available bone to receive an implant. Anything less is simply insufficient and potentially unsafe.

Ask if the doctor uses Cone Beam CT to evaluate your jaw bone.


(6) How modern is the technology they use? Many dentists do not use top of the line implants with a proven track record and published studies supporting a proven level of success and predictability. A little research on your part will educate you on the best implants.

Ask your doctor which implant system he or she recommends and why?


(7) Does the dentist provide a thorough diagnostic workup as part of the overall treatment? The more information the doctor has obtained, the better care the doctor can provide. Does the dentist obtain a comprehensive history, a thorough clinical examination, including pertinent x-rays? The best specialists are thorough in their research of your medical history and current state.

Ask about what is included in the development of an implant treatment plan.


(8) Can you see photo examples of your doctor’s work? Can you view before and after photos? Seeing completed cases can provide you with the peace of mind you seek.

Ask to see photographic examples of the doctor’s work.


(9) Are there testimonials and referrals from other patients that you can review? Aside from the images of the finished products, find out what other patients’ experiences have been with this provider.

Ask to read their reviews and testimonials to discover their strengths and abilities. This information is often available online.


(10) Ask for the names of several patients who would be willing to talk with you to discuss their experiences with the implant procedure and the doctor.

Finding an excellent implant specialist doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Knowledge is power, and when you ask the right questions, you are far more likely to have a positive experience which will result in a strong, beautiful smile that will last for many years to come.

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