All on 4® Dental Implants
in Philadelphia

Tooth loss affects millions of people each year, leaving them with imperfect smiles. Each tooth lost leads to the loss of another tooth, and there are more than 20 million Americans who are completely toothless. Of these, 90% wear dentures – and well more than half are unhappy!

  • Are you missing all or most of your teeth?
  • Do you have a removable denture that hasn’t fit well in years?
  • Is your current denture making it uncomfortable or difficult to eat, speak, or smile?
  • Have you considered implant fixed teeth, but hesitated due to the long, involved and expensive treatment?
  • Are you ready for a fully restored smile utilizing the latest advances in dentistry?
  • Would you believe you could have these permanent teeth in a day?

If any or all of the above apply, you may be a candidate for the revolutionary All on 4 Technique® that provides you with “fixed, permanent, naturally functioning teeth in a single 24-48-hour period.

Trust Your Oral Health to Top Periodontist,
Dr. I. Stephen Brown.

“We treat the cause, not the symptom.”

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Dr. I. Stephen Brown offers All on 4® technique to patients in the Philadelphia area who want a fast, predictable treatment option to restore their smile in as little as one day. This minimally-invasive treatment approach virtually eliminates the need for bone grafts, thereby minimizing treatment time, post-operative discomfort and complications.

Understanding the “All on 4® Dental Implant Technique”

An individual dental implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth. However, it is not the best approach to replace multiple teeth to restore a smile. Replacing each tooth with a dental implant could require as many as eight to ten implants in each jaw, and often there is not enough viable bone to support so many implants. And… even if optimal conditions exist, the cost for full mouth dental implants would be overwhelming, and recovery could take months.

In Philadelphia, Dr. I. Stephen Brown, a leader in implant dentistry, offers an attractive alternative to a single implant for each missing tooth. The All on 4® dental implant approach provides a solid foundation for permanent teeth with a minimally invasive and far less costly solution.

All on 4® is a quick, predictable, and affordable option for replacing an entire jaw of missing or damaged teeth with as few as 4 implants. This ground-breaking approach is often successful, even if there is a minimal amount of jawbone to work with, and the treatment can maximize stability and minimize costs.

Who is a Candidate for the All on 4® Technique?”

Edentulous patients (individuals who have lost all of their teeth) and denture wearers who are unhappy with their current solution are prime candidates for All on 4®. This minimally-invasive approach eliminates removable dentures by anchoring the teeth to implants placed securely in the jawbone.

If you are tired of wearing dentures, or if your dentures are loose and ill-fitting, this technique will provide you with enhanced function and a permanent, natural looking smile. In Philadelphia the All on 4® permits you to receive your new smile in as little as one day and is similar but often superior to many other approaches. All of these methods refer to replacing a full complement of teeth in about one day.

What You Can Expect for the All on 4® Treatment

As with many surgical procedures, local anesthetics are usually used to keep you comfortable. Most patients, however, will want to take advantage of light sedation in addition to the local anesthetic. We use a fully certified medical anesthesiologist to deliver the sedation, so you can enjoy a “twilight” feeling during your procedure, leaving you with no memory of the process and eliminating anxiety, fear, or pain.

Advantages of All on 4®

No More Dentures!

  • Permanent Teeth in one Day
  • Regain 98% of full chewing power
  • Reverse the aging process due to accelerated jaw bone loss
  • Enjoy foods you couldn’t eat before (Crisp apples, Corn on the cob)
  • Effective, efficient chewing enhances your nutrition
  • No frequent lisping your words or “clicking”
  • Minimally Invasive procedure
  • Cost effective – a great healthcare investment
  • No need to put your teeth in a glass at night
  • No denture “Bad Breath”
  • No plastic covering the roof of your mouth interfering with the taste of foods and beverages
  • No more denture sores or frequent visits to the dentist for denture adjustments
  • No more sticky, unhygienic denture adhesives

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In addition to a very short treatment time, All on 4® has many other advantages over traditional dentures or bridges. The final restoration is firmly fixed to the implants, which act like natural tooth roots. This continually stimulates the underlying jawbone. It keeps your jaw strong, helping prevent jaw bone loss and maintaining the youthful appearance of your face and smile. The incredible stability of dental implants means that your new teeth will look, fit and function like natural teeth, letting you chew and enjoy foods like crisp, juicy apples and fresh corn on the cob.

Choosing Dr. I. Stephen Brown in Philadelphia to give you back your smile using the All on 4 Technique® is a smart choice, not only because of the advantages of this unique treatment method, but because of your selection of the right doctor to provide this treatment. Dr. Brown has been acknowledged as a world-class expert and teacher of dental implants. He has the experience, care, skill and judgment to ensure a successful outcome for you!