Periodontal Services
In Philadelphia

At The Perio Group, we offer the most advanced, non-invasive periodontal services in Philadelphia. Dr. I. Stephen Brown has been a practicing periodontist as well as a teacher for many years. His experience has taught him the simplest, least painful treatment options often yield the best results for patients. So he continually looks for new treatments with proven results that don’t require cutting, stitching, or intensive healing. Dr. Brown and his team are happy to offer these patient-friendly treatments to all who schedule an appointment.

Trust Your Oral Health to Top Periodontist,
Dr. Stephen Brown.

Offering minimally invasive treatment for gum disease

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Dr. Brown is a nationally known expert in dental implants, laser gum treatment, and other periodontal procedures. If you’re concerned about your oral health and are looking for an alternative to invasive gum treatments you’ve had recommended, contact The Perio Group to have a consultation with Dr. Brown. We’re always happy to welcome new patients!

Gum Disease

Gum disease afflicts many Americans, many of whom don’t know they’re suffering from an infection. The primary role of a periodontist is to control gum disease and repair damage caused by it.

Laser Gum Treatment

One of the most groundbreaking advancements in periodontal care has been the use of laser to heal infected gums without cutting or stitching. Dr. Brown was the first periodontist in Philadelphia to use this technology.

Dental Implants

These permanent solutions for missing teeth integrate directly with the bone of the jaw to create a solid anchor for a prosthetic tooth, a bridge, or full dentures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Brown’s expertise as a periodontist makes him well suited to offer cosmetic dental procedures focusing on the gums.

Sedation Dentistry

For patients who suffer from anxiety with the dentist’s office, we are proud to offer a variety of solutions from traditional sedation to the advanced NuCalm system.

Additional Services

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