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Dental implants might be the best way to get you smiling again. But what if you can’t wait for a longer-term treatment plan? With Teeth-In-A-Day, you can walk into The Perio Group for an appointment and walk out with an entirely new smile. As the 2020 winner of Philadelphia Magazine’s ‘Top Dentist’ for the eleventh year, Dr. I. Stephen Brown is no stranger to bringing smiles to his patient’s faces with his cutting-edge treatment methods.

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Teeth-In-A-Day: Restore Your Smile Today

Teeth-In-A-Day allows for a complete restoration of your teeth in one single day. Whether you have one, or two rows of missing or damaged teeth, with Teeth-In-A-Day, you can leave with your smile complete. First, either four to six dental implants are installed in your upper jaw or four implants to your lower jaw. A bridge, complete with your new teeth, is then fixed into the implants, so you have a quick yet efficient solution to what previously may have taken months to achieve.

Dental implants are miniature titanium screws secured in your mouth to help fix your new set of arches in place. The dental implants are spaced out in your mouth to support your new smile fully. The titanium fuses with your bone, allowing your new arches to perform all the same eating, chewing (and smiling) capabilities that your original teeth would do. The beauty of Teeth-In-A-Day is that you can leave with a full set of temporary and natural arches on the same day, and come back for a final set once your dental implants have taken.

Teeth-In-A-Day is made possible by The Perio Group’s own innovative 3D image scanner, allowing for an accurate image to be built up of your mouth, to assist with arch creation and the initial planning stages. You may prefer to have Teeth-In-A-Day with removable capabilities, so they can be cleaned like traditional dentures, or have a smile that remains fixed in place.

The Benefits Of Teeth-In-A-Day

Just a few of the benefits of having Teeth-In-A-Day are:

  • Return To Normal Quickly. With Teeth-In-A-Day, you can leave us with a natural eating and chewing function, without waiting months for treatments to be finished.
  • Time-Saving. Leave a consultation with a confident smile on the same day you visit. Combine tooth removal with dental implants ready for you on the very same day.
  • Increased Comfort. If you’ve worn traditional dentures for several years, your jaw will have reduced bone density, and your dentures may lay uncomfortably across your jaw. With Teeth-In-A-Day, your new arch will be placed on your implants, taking pressure off your mouth for increased comfort.
  • Confidence. While you know that longer-term treatments will leave you feeling better in the end, with Teeth-In-A-Day, you can have that same-day confidence without waiting for months for a complete set of teeth. If you wear dentures, you can also benefit from a full smile without worrying about your dentures slipping.
  • Maintain Jaw Strength. As the titanium dental implants fuse to your jaw, your mouth will benefit from normal chewing and eating functions, keeping your bone density strong and maintain the shape of your jawline.

Is Teeth-In-A-Day Right For Me?

Dr. Brown’s initial appointment will help you ensure that you will benefit from Teeth-In-A-Day. If you have wanted dental implants for a long time, or desire a full and healthy-looking smile, Teeth-In-A-Day might be right for you. You may also be a long term dentures wearer looking for a treatment that enables you to feel more confident with a fixed in place smile.

If you have periodontal disease or loose or damaged teeth, you may also wish to consider treatment. With Teeth-In-A-Day, you can have no teeth, missing teeth, or a virtually full set. To find out if it is right for you, schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Brown to find out more information about what to expect from treatment.

What Should I Expect From Teeth-In-A-Day Treatment?

Although the procedure itself will take place in one day, you will have an initial consultation with Dr. Brown to determine if this is the right treatment plan for you. You may have X-Rays, impressions, and a 3D scan of your mouth to ensure you are ready for the dental implants. A few days ahead of the procedure, your new teeth will be created.

On the day, you will speak with Dr. Brown and his team, and they will tell you what to expect from the procedure. You will be asked whether you’d prefer to have your mouth numbed, or be sedated. You may need some teeth or roots taken out as part of the initial pre-procedure process.

Next, your dental implants will be installed, and once ready, your new arches will be fixed over the dental implants so that you can use your new teeth. These will take a few months to heal, as the titanium needs to bond with your jaw bone.

After your Teeth-In-A-Day process is complete, you will have some follow up appointments with Dr. Brown to monitor the healing process. But on the day itself, you will be able to leave with your new smile in place. After your dental implants have securely bonded with your jaw, you will be able to have a full set of permanent arches secured to keep your new smile well into the future.

The Perio Group: Your Teeth-In-A-Day Matter

Dr. Brown is a multi-award-winning Periodontist in Philadelphia, with his very own Cosmetic Consortium exclusively focused on maintaining exceptional treatment and quality care for dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. After 15 years, Cosmetic Consortium continues to uphold excellence in periodontal care at its ethos.

Consider us your partners in your periodontal care. We want to make sure you leave with the best and most efficient treatment possible so that you can leave with a full smile with your Teeth-In-A-Day. Dr. Brown is also a pioneer in laser gum treatment, being one of the first periodontists to use this technique. Our patients trust us to use new and cutting-edge treatments precisely, and with a clear focus on patient wellbeing.

We actively welcome new patients and offer online consultations as well as face-to-face appointments. Contact us today to find out how we can restore your smile with Teeth-In-A-Day.

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