GuidedSMILE: Full Arch Restoration
In Philadelphia

Dr. I. Stephen Brown has brought the most advanced full arch tooth replacement system to Philadelphia. GuidedSMILE uses a CT guided CAD/CAM virtual model of the patient’s mouth to plan every aspect of dental implant surgery and prosthetic placement. The result is the most stable, best aesthetic, and minimally invasive full arch tooth replacement ever devised. Patients will have their new teeth prosthetic placed the same day as their implant surgery.

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How GuidedSMILE works

This award-winning system is the newest and best solution yet for immediate implant-supported full arch restorations. GuidedSMILE from V2R uses 3D imaging to help periodontists and surgeons place implants and restorations with greater predictability than conventional methods. The procedure is simple and the benefits to the patient are many.

Step 1

The system starts by using a CT scan to create a complete 3D image of your jaw. This allows Dr. Brown to measure the height and width of the jaw bone, the depth of gum tissue and the position of adjacent tooth roots. This then becomes a virtual model in which he can place the dental implants and position the prosthesis for maximum strength and the perfect bite.

Step 2

The GuidedSMILE lab then takes Dr. Brown’s plan and creates a full arch prosthetic precisely molded to fit your mouth. This also acts as a guide to help Dr. Brown recreate the implant placement from the virtual model.

Step 3

Dr. Brown uses the guide to place the implants identical to the 3D plan, giving you the best possible placement for your full arch restoration. In the same visit Dr. Brown will place the interim prosthetic, which will allow you to continue your normal life while your implants fuse securely with your jaw.

Step 4

When Dr. Brown is confident your implants are strong enough, he will place your final restoration. With proper care, your full arch prosthetic may last a life time.

Benefits of GuidedSMILE

Whether you’ve recently lost your teeth or you’ve been wearing dentures for years, you have a lot to gain from GuidedSMILE:

  • Full arch restoration for patients missing most or all of their teeth
  • May eliminate the need for bone grafting
  • More precise placement of implants
  • Reduces risk of surprises during surgery
  • Immediate restoration after implant surgery
  • Fewer visits, minimal pain, faster results

GuidedSMILE v. traditional dentures

For those currently wearing removeable dentures, switching to an implant-secured prosthetic will make a night and day difference. No more slipping or falling out. You will take care of your prosthetic just like your natural teeth so it will never need to be removed. Eat whatever you want; smile and laugh without hesitation. Dental implants retain your bone structure so your face shape will never diminish due to bone loss. For a typical denture wearer, GuidedSMILE will make you feel 10 years younger.

Is GuidedSMILE right for you?

If you are missing most or all of your teeth in the upper or lower arch, you may be a candidate for GuidedSMILE. If you are ready for an improvement over your current dentures or you wish to maintain the lifestyle you had with a full set of teeth, don’t wait to contact us. Set up a consultation with Dr. Brown to see if this is the solution for you.

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