What Our Patients Say
About Dental Implants

What Our Patients Say About Dental Implants

“I only wish I had my dental implants done years ago.”

—PB Age 74 – Philadelphia, PA

“After my dental implants were completed, I could eat all the foods I had been avoiding for years!”

—SJ Age 42 – Cherry Hill, NJ

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“When I lost my last tooth, I had a dental implant immediately. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

—RE Age 28 – Allentown, PA

“After I lost my front tooth, I was embarrassed to smile even when I was doing the things I loved. A friend suggested a dental implant because it looks natural and is the only option which is permanent. Within two months, I had my new tooth. When I tell people I had a front tooth replaced, they say ‘Which one?’ Now that’s something to smile about.”

—RH Age 50 – New York City, NY

“I’ve had my dental implants for over 10 years and I haven’t stopped smiling. My doctor and I chose dental implants because I wanted my new teeth to look and feel natural. Other treatment options involved cutting down healthy teeth, and that scared me. There was nothing scary about dental implants; in fact, I have recommended implant to many of my friends.”

—SS Age 47 – Washington D.C.

“I was tired of my dentures always slipping. It was embarrassing and I was uncomfortable talking and eating with others. Adhesives were difficult to use and they never seemed to work. I visited my doctor who suggested dental implants. The procedure was easy and now my dentures stay in place no matter where I am or what I eat.”

—FH Age 70 – Harrisburg, PA

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