Dansah Bur Teachnology:
A New Way to Place Dental Implants

At The Perio Group, we regularly place dental implants. Dental implants are tooth replacements that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Dental implants last for many years, and they are one of the best, most permanent ways to replace a missing tooth.

One new development in the world of dental implants is the Densah Bur technology by Versah. This new technology is revolutionizing how dental implants are placed. This procedure is based on the idea of preserving bone (osseodensification) during the drilling process unlike normal drilling in which bone is lost. It is also based on enhancing the implant site and increasing the stability of the implant in the jaw bone. The implant creates the foundation for the new tooth that will be placed on top, so having a strong implant that is stable in the jaw bone is essential to functional and esthetic tooth replacement.

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Dr. Brown is on the cutting edge.

Recently, Dr. I. Stephen Brown was honored to be an invited guest to attend the First Versah World Symposium which was held in Orlando, Florida on January 12-15 in 2017. During this event, he was able to participate in hands on training In this ground-breaking technique.

Because of this opportunity and training, Dr. Brown was the first dental professional in the Philadelphia Region to offer this ground breaking and minimally invasive technology to his implant patients. This breakthrough method is another of the cutting edge non-invasive procedures that Dr. Brown utilizes. Dr. Brown is happy to be able to offer this procedure to our patients and to be the first implant dentist in the Philadelphia area to do so. He has been using the Densah Bur technology since its release and has over a year of experience with the technique. He has also taught this method to many dental professionals, including his Residents at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

How does the Densah Bur technology work?

The Densah Bur technology is based on a biomechanical bone preparation technique called osseodensification. This technology is is a method for preparing the jaw bone to receive a dental implant. Traditional methods can be rough on the jaw bone. With this technology, the drill is rotated in a reversed, non-cutting direction. This method allows for the bone tissue bulk to be preserved and compacted making it more dense. Overall, to put it simply, this method can reduce healing times and creates a stronger foundation in which the implant can be placed with maximum stability.

What does the drill portion of this technology do?

Conventional drills have limitations when it comes to excavating bone. Versah was looking to create an instrument and procedure that would preserve healthy bone while preparing osteotomies as opposed to removing the bone simply to make space for the implant.

The Densah Burs are rotated in reverse at a speed of about 1200 rpms. This process and the densification of the bone it induces are essential for stability and creating a strong foundation for the implant.

To put this is in simple terms, it drills a hole in the bone by forcing the bone particles to bond with the surrounding bone producing a thicker more dense wall around the implant.

What are the benefits of this technology?

There are many benefits to using this method to place dental implants. Because of how the drill works, there is better ridge preservation. This basically means that the Densah Bur method helps preserve bone over time and lead to a more stable foundation for the implant.

Also, this technique reduces healing time. This is a big plus. The way the drill works allows the jawbone to heal around the implant more quickly and for you to get back to your daily life.

Dr. Brown is a pioneer in the field of periodontics.


Dr. Brown has always been on the cutting edge of the dental industry and is highly skilled at placing implants using the Densah Bur technology by Versah. He has studied directly with Dr. Salah Huwais the inventor of the Densah Technique.

We are always looking for new, minimally invasive techniques to make your experience with us optimal. We know that you are busy and how important it is to be able to heal quickly and resume normal, daily functions. This is why we work to use procedures that will help you heal quickly, and we also want to provide the best techniques available so that your dental implants will function well and last a long time.

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To learn more about this technology and how it works, feel free to ask us any questions. The staff at The Perio Group is friendly and helpful, and we want you to know about the procedures and newest technologies that we offer. Dr. Brown is also able to provide consultations where you can learn more about dental implants and how to get started with the process.

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