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For many people, a visit to the dentist can cause substantial anxiety, even for a simple checkup. In fact, dental anxiety keeps many from going to the dentist at all. That’s why Dr. I. Stephen Brown became one of the first to offer NuCalm in Philadelphia. He was one of a handful of clinicians to pioneer this neuroscience based approach to help patients overcome their dental anxiety.

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Until recently, people with dental anxiety had few options – avoid the dentist altogether, go to the dentist and suffer with anxiety, or take drugs for sedation dentistry just to get through the visit. Now, though, more and more patients are turning to the groundbreaking NuCalm system as a safe, effective, drug free way to alleviate fear and turn a trip to the dentist into a relaxing experience.

Using Your Body’s Natural Mechanisms for Relaxation

Without using any narcotics or controlled substances, NuCalm engages your body’s own relaxation mechanisms to help you reach a stress-free state of mind. NuCalm quickly and safely brings you to your most relaxed conscious state, the alpha brain wave state experienced during the initial stage of sleep, when you are perfectly relaxed and hover somewhere on the border of sleep and awareness. During this state, you can still hear the dentist and respond, but your body and mind are completely relaxed and physiologically incapable of feeling anxiety. You lose the sense of time and place and experience a perfectly calm, meditative tranquility, happily relaxing your way through your time in the dentist’s chair.

The benefits of using NuCalm include:

  • You will be in a state of deep relaxation for the entire procedure
  • Your body will be more receptive to treatment (natural resistance mechanisms are dulled)
  • Your motor responses will be dulled – minimizing risk to you and your dentist or hygienist during the procedure
  • You will be conscious and able to respond to voice commands during the procedure
  • Your post-treatment experience will be a feeling of rejuvenation and relief (NuCalm helps your brain achieve cellular homeostasis which provides a neuromuscular release of bodily tension)
  • Is less intrusive than sedation techniques – does not chemically compromise your central nervous system or cognitively impair your mind
  • You can come and go on your own (there are no side effects, no recovery time or supervision required, and no impairments)

How NuCalm Works

NuCalm uses four methods in conjunction to bring your mind and body into this state of absolute relaxation, and the transition process generally takes only a few minutes.

  1. The first step is taking dietary supplements that contain the same naturally occuring neurotransmitters your own brain uses in transitioning from wakefulness to sleep. These neurotransmitters suppress the stress response, all without any side effects.
  2. The second component of the NuCalm system uses a cranial electrotherapy stimulation device (CES) to relax the mind and increase the effectiveness of the NuCalm supplements. This will generate very low electric pulses that will feel like a light tingle. CES technology is FDA cleared and has been used to treat anxiety and insomnia for over 45 years.
  3. The third element of NuCalm uses headphones and neuroacoustic software to regulate brain wave frequencies, bringing them down into the alpha range associated with absolute mental and physical relaxation. These sound waves are overlaid with pleasant classical music to further contribute to your relaxation.
  4. The fourth part of the NuCalm system is using opaque glasses to block out all light, reducing stimulation of the visual cortex to maintain your state of absolute calm.

The four approaches of the NuCalm system work together to bring about remarkable relaxation, completely erasing any fear or anxiety.

Experience NuCalm Here in Philadelphia

Anxiety about going to the dentist doesn’t have to prevent you from getting the care you need! Over 180,000 people around the country have already used NuCalm to transform their dental visits into positive experiences, and not a single person has reported an adverse experience. The Perio Group is proud to offer this revolutionary approach for patients here in Philadelphia. We welcome you to contact us to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment in a setting in which you can finally relax.

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