State of the
Art Technology

Dr. I. Stephen Brown has been consistently recognized as a leader in the implementation of cutting-edge technology. He is dedicated to continually investigating and learning new procedures to provide the best and most up-to-date care available to his patients. Here are some of the advanced technologies Dr. Brown currently uses in his Philadelphia office to improve the quality of patient care.

Digital Radiography

Digital X-rays from Schick are designed to provide exceptionally accurate images with 90% less radiation than conventional radiographs. Digital technology also allows us to easily show patients what we see and to collaborate with other health care professionals.

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Soft Tissue Laser

The PerioLase laser from Millennium Dental Technologies provides patients a superior alternative to traditional cut and stitch periodontal surgery. Dr. Brown was one of the first dentists in the US certified to deliver LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) for his patients. This technology is also safe enough for many other laser dentistry procedures involving the soft tissues of the mouth.

SimPlant Planning Software

When providing patients with implants, Dr. Brown achieves extraordinary precision, employing SimPlant Planning Software. Implant Patients receive a CAT scan to determine the quality, quantity and availability of sufficient volume of jawbone to insure implant success. The entire plan is worked out on a computer to within 0.5 millimeter accuracy. This is accomplished in advance of the surgical procedure, so that nothing is left to chance and there will be no surprises. From the doctor’s plan a Cad-Cam SurgiGuide (Materialise Dental, Inc) can be fabricated to precisely guide the placement of the implants.

3D Imaging

As part of The Perio Group’s continual effort to stay on the leading edge of dental technology, we use the revolutionary CS 9300 cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging system. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment allows us to quickly and safely create detailed images of your tooth and jaw structure, ensuring absolute accuracy for your treatment. Together with the SimPlant planning software, this technology represents a giant step forward in the placement of dental implants.

Vizilite Plus

Many cancers originate in the mouth. In an effort to protect our patients we provide Vizilite Plus, Oral Cancer Screening. This is a painless, fast, and non-invasive test. An annual ViziLite Plus exam, in combination with a regular visual examination, provides a comprehensive oral cancer screening procedure for patients at increased risk for oral cancer.

Bacterial Testing

In an effort to effectively treat and maintain periodontal health, recognizing that periodontal disease is an infection caused by identifiable bacteria, we utilize two forms of non-invasive bacterial testing. Not unlike a throat swab, a sample of bacteria can be obtained and sent to a lab for analysis. A similar sample can be viewed by the patient, in the office, using a Phase Contrast Microscope and projecting the bacteria on a TV monitor.

Recently we have been using Oral DNA Labs “PerioPath” Salivary Bacterial DNA Testing. This test is highly specific for bacteria associated with periodontal disease and can be analyzed from a sample of saliva. Knowing which bacteria are present contributes to the most precise treatment of gum disease.

Gem 21S

One of the most exciting innovations has been the use of Gem 21S (Growth Factor Enhanced Matrix). Gem 21S is a laboratory produced biologic “copy cat” of an important “human growth factor” which speeds healing and assists in the regeneration of oral tissues which have been compromised by disease.


Dr. Brown is an expert in the use of the Piezosurgery Device. Engineered by Mectron Corp, this unique device which is routinely used in medical surgical applications, permits a clinician to precisely cut hard tissue such as bone, without injuring adjacent soft tissues such as the gums.

Advanced cameras

Dr. I. Stephen Brown routinely uses digital extra-oral and intra-oral photographs to facilitate diagnosis and treatment planning. The use of such technological advances has helped to identify Dr. Brown as a world class leader in the treatment of periodontal disease and dental implants.

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