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“From beginning to end, my experience with Dr. I. Stephen Brown and his staff could be categorized as first class. Dr. Brown did an outstanding job of restoring my gum tissue and his assistants were always friendly and accommodating. I was also impressed with the high level of professionalism that was demonstrated by his front office staff. Overall, I would rate my experience with Dr. Brown’s office as top-notch and would recommend his practice to anyone who is in need of periodontal services.”

– Arnold Sirull

Trust Your Oral Health to Top Periodontist,
Dr. Stephen Brown.

With over 40 years of experience in placing dental implants.

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“I regret that I had to go through this experience but now that I have, you were the right people! I sincerely, value and appreciate your patience, expertise, patient focus and support. I wish you each much continued success!”

– John Creveling

Now that my major dental work has been completed, I thought I would take a moment to express my gratitude to the entire staff at The Perio Group, especially Dr. Brown.

As you are all aware, I am someone who has always been phobic about the dentist and certainly wasn’t looking forward to the involved periodontal surgery and dental work that was ahead of me. Looking back now, almost a year, the experience with Dr. Brown and his staff has been nothing short of fantastic. Dr. Brown is a highly skilled clinician with a compassionate bed side manner that instantly puts you at ease. You immediately trust him and his staff. It was suggested that I might need an implant or two down the road. I was completely against the thought of ever going through that process until now. It’s amazing to me how your comfort level changes when you totally trust the clinician. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Perio Group to anyone in need of periodontal work.

Thank you all for a very worthwhile experience.

– Liz Cohen

Never have I had a better treatment than Dr. Brown gave to me. I think that his experience makes him an excellent Doctor. Moreover, the staff of Dr. Brown was so friendly with me, giving therefore a comfortable atmosphere. At the beginning I was so afraid; I thought I would never recover my beautiful smile. However, Dr. Brown gave me faith and a beautiful new smile for all my life.

Thank You Very Much Dr. Brown and Staff.

– Richard Aguilar

My treatment with Dr. Brown was an unqualified success. I had two surgeries and they both went remarkably well. His staff is both caring and professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him any day.

– Karen Reibstein

I was undergoing extensive dental work and found I needed dental implants for a few future teeth. I was recommended to Dr. I. Stephen Brown. I had a consultation with him and he explained everything that needed to be done and he answered all my questions. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the work went well. Dr. Brown did a wonderful job putting my implants in and I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr. Stephen Brown to anyone who would need his experience.

– Connie Hagan

Dr. Brown,

I am very pleased with the way things are turning out. I was overwhelmed and completely uncomfortable by my gums when I first came to you. Thank you for the genuine interest and reassurance that you gave me. It is making a world of difference. Your staff is the friendliest group I’ve ever seen. I feel very fortunate.

– Carolyn Dotts

It was very professional! I do not go voluntarily to the dentist or periodontologists. But you and your staff made my visits rather easy-going. Thank you very much indeed!

– Dmitrij Harder

Dear Dr. Brown,

Congratulations on your recognition by MDTV Medical News Now Inc., as a leading implant specialist. I am not surprised, I know you are the Best! After several surgeries I can say that my experience and the results have been excellent. Your clinical expertise and caring approach have made a big difference in my dental health. I appreciate the care and support I receive from you and your superb staff and I look forward to out continued relationship.

– Elizabeth Sudler

Dear Dr. Brown,

My long implant journey is nearly over. The new teeth are in. I know just await permanent installation of the crown on #15. My teeth are beautiful. The change since I first visited your office is a miracle. I hope you have a before picture for comparison. (I know you have a few between pictures!) I look back at months of your work interspersed with waiting-always the waiting-and realize the journey was surprisingly painless and positive. I feel so grateful to you and your staff for your skills, for your cautious approach, and for your professional handling of the whole affair. I look forward to showing you all the result of your work (and Dr. Lim’s, of course, as well) in just a few days.

With sincere appreciation,

– Evelyn Spencer

Dear Dr. Brown,

When I began my treatment, I was somewhat afraid of the pain I will experience during the process, but was pleasantly surprised. I did not experience pain during the procedure, and had little pain 2 hours afterwards, and none later. I was able to get back to normal activities right away.

I was very happy and satisfied with you and your staff. They were very helpful and friendly. I feel I can definitely refer my friends and family to all of you.

I was very satisfied with my treatment. My expectation was met. Most important is that I love the outcome of my treatment!


– Stella Scott, RN, BSN

About 15 years ago I was losing some of my back teeth. I was averse to a partial plate because I did not think they would be comfortable. I noticed my friends who had partials did not wear them. Dr. Slobodinsky suggested implants and introduced me to Dr. Brown and “The Perio Group.” I was very nervous and afraid but Dr Brown and staff were very kind and gentle and put me at ease. Everything went extremely well and I was happy and satisfied with the results. I can’t say enough about Dr. Brown “The Perio Group” and Dr. Slobodinsky, the care and attention shown me was outstanding, I felt as if I were their only patient. It’s important to feel comfortable and have confidence in your doctors.

Kudos to Dr. Brown “The Perio Group” and Dr. Slobodinsky and staff

– Catherine Stepnowska

I’ve just had some temporary units placed over the implant that you inserted for me. Being an old Dental technician and realizing the importance of all abutments being parallel, I appreciated the care and expertise you devoted to my case. All four abutments were in perfect line, not easily achieved when working in a small field. Again I want to thank you for the care an attention you gave to enable restoring my Dentition to what it once was.

– Morris Moskowitz

Dear Drs. Brown and Berson:

Per your request during my last visit to each of your offices, I am enclosing a set of dental x-rays taken on 8/3/00 for your files.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and many thanks to each of you for perfecting my smile…I still can’t get out of the habit of smiling into car mirrors, store windows, etc. to “check out” my teeth!! I embarrass myself! Thank you both for teaming up to perform such a wonderful and caring dental restoration. Eventually, I’ll be in touch to complete the lower portion…seems as though you can’t get rid of me!

Again, many thanks to you and your great staff.

– Elsie Stevens

I cannot make any suggestions. The whole dental experience was great, I had a lot of fears and concerns when I arrived at your office. Dr. Brown and Pelley listened and actually heard what I had to say. No one tried to convince me that I was over reacting or tried to change my mind. They understood. Rust was bubbly and happy. Lisa was so sincere and dedicated, I really felt that everyone in The Perio Group was excited for me and truly hoped the therapy would be successful. After the therapy, I cannot tell you what it meant to have Dr. Brown take the time out of an extremely busy schedule to call and check on a patient. That is unheard of in today’s fast moving world. I really appreciate the kindness extended to me while I was under the care of The Perio Group. The only downside is no more Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks.

– Jane Rahsman

Dear Dr. Brown and ALL The Perio Group:

Thanks again for the terrific, excellent work you all did to change my gum line- it is a delight and pleasure to be your patient- Best of all, my gums look untouched! Now for some new teeth!

I’m grateful to you all!

– Rob Hull

Dear Dr. Brown,

I have been delighted with the work you competed on my gums. Your staff was wonderful with the work you competed on my gums. Your staff was wonderful to work with and was flexible in helping my difficult time constraints. I only wish I had come a year earlier. Many thanks to you and all in your office.

– Margie Hunter

Dear Dr. Brown and Staff,

Just a note to say thank you for your excellent care and concern for my dental needs. You gave me courteous and outstanding service. Your phone calls about my well being after the procedures were greatly appreciated, and further showed your concern. I am glad that this three year ordeal is over. I will keep up my check ups.

Thank you again, all of you, for your help.

– Irene Jeffries-Overton

Dear Steve, Pelley, and staff:

From the moment I entered your office, I was made to feel at home. I must admit I approached the Implant process with some degree of trepidation which vanished as I was made to feel welcome. Your follow-up calls were real assuring. Your professionalism left no doubt that I was in competent caring hands. I had no pain the following morning and outside of a little swelling on the rugae area of the Palate, there is virtually no discomfort. I thank you again, and shall see you within two weeks to remove the sutures.

– Morris Moskowitz

Dear Dr. Brown:

I would like to take this time to thank you for tending to my dental needs. When I first came to your office I had a lot of fear of the unknown however, you and your staff gave me the confidence to persevere with my treatments. I feel you and your staff look great time and patience with understanding my needs and the end result proved it.

I look forward to my ongoing treatments with you and your staff.

– Audrey Sayers

Dear Dr. Brown:

I am very pleased with the results of my periodontics procedure. The experience was pleasant. I experienced no pain, just slight discomfort wearing the braces. The gum surgery went well, no pain during the healing process. Overall, the care provided by you and your pleasant staff was excellent! I am so grateful that you finally solved a dental problem that has plagued me for 20 plus years. I can finally show a big smile without hiding my front teeth. Great job! I will be more than willing to refer people to you that may have experienced the same problem as myself for many years and did not get satisfaction from other dental professionals.


– Barbara Jordon

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