Laser Gum
Treatment FAQs

There are many common questions that people might have when it comes to laser gum treatment for periodontal disease. This might be because a patient is nervous about the treatment (or about going to the dentist), because of monetary concerns or because they want to know what the process entails.

Questions range from how many appointments you need for the treatment to who can have the treatment, whether or not it’s safe, if it’s painful and what the recovery process is like. Philadelphia Periodontist Dr. I. Stephen Brown will answer all of your concerns that you have with the treatment, whether or not you need it and how extensive the issue that you have is.

Firstly, when a patient wonders how many appointments they need in order to receive laser gum treatment, it’s generally thought that only two treatment visits are needed – alongside a few ongoing appointments. It’s also a quicker process than the traditional and more conventional periodontal treatment. As it is fewer appointments than the conventional procedure, this makes it more appealing for those wanting a swift procedure, allowing them to get back to work and their social life quicker.

Another concern and question that people might have, is whether or not laser therapy is safe. The answer to this is yes – when it is conducted by a dental professional that adheres to the guidelines for power levels, wavelengths, etc. Dr. Brown puts these guidelines and your safety as the utmost priority when conducting laser gum treatment. Conducted correctly (for example – having the patient wearing UV goggles), it will be a safe procedure that has a fast recovery time.

Thirdly, another common question about laser gum treatment is whether or not it’s painful. We do everything that we can to ensure that it is not painful. In comparison to more traditional methods, as it is quicker and less invasive (only removing the damaged tissue), it won’t be as painful. If you are concerned about this, however, it’s important to get into contact with Dr. Brown to discuss the treatment.

Many patients also wonder what the recovery is like. Most patients are able to return to work after the procedure or the next day. Dr. Brown will ensure that if you are feeling any soreness after the procedure, you will be prescribed with antibiotics, as well as scheduling future checkups to see how your gums are healing.

Why you should contact Dr Brown for treatment

An award-winning periodontist, Dr. I. Stephen Brown has years of experience in the dental field. Committed to dental excellence, Dr. Brown and his team at The Perio Group will ensure that each patient is aware of the treatment, the post-operative process and everything that surrounds it. Want to find out more about laser gum treatment and what it can do for you? Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment!