Link Between Periodontitis
and Chronic Inflammation

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential if you want to strengthen your oral hygiene. So, when you spot inflammation and other warning signs, it’s crucial to understand how they affect your well-being. To do this, we recommend reading the information below that relates to gum disease treatments and how you can maintain your oral length in the long-term.

What Is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is an industry term that a periodontist uses to describe patients that suffer from gum disease. We see lots of signs, but the main one is inflammation, as it’s the body’s instinctive reaction to fight off the problem. If you suffer from inflammation, it is essential to speak to a professional such as Dr. I. Stephen Brown at The Perio Group as the disease impacts the gums and jaw bone.

How Does Inflammation Occur?

It starts when you miss areas of your mouth during brushing. Leaving plaque untouched will result in the bacteria from the plaque wearing away at the inside of your tooth or teeth. Unfortunately for lots of patients, they can’t tell when there is a build-up as it’s a colorless film.

The great news is that our team is trained in spotting plaque build-ups and will advise you on how to ensure it doesn’t cause inflammation and other gum disease-related issues in the future.

What Are The Other Symptoms?

Inflammation isn’t the only symptom. You should also be wary of:

  • Swollen, bleeding gums
  • Recession around the gum line
  • Loss of the bone around the jawline
  • Infection

What Is The Link Between Periodontitis and Chronic Inflammation?

Although all the warning signs are essential factors, inflammation is the main one for periodontists as it’s the link between periodontitis and the other symptoms. Researchers believe that, as the body’s natural response to fighting off infections and shielding against injury, inflammation occurs organically.

And, it’s not only the fact that the inflammation process leads to swollen or receding gums. Because inflammation happens with other non-oral-related diseases, it’s believed that an infection could be a sign of further disorders. For example, the majority of the problems associated with periodontitis are linked with heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.

Therefore, you might be at risk of other diseases if you have to deal with gum disease regularly.

What Can You Do To Help?

The great news is that we offer some of the best treatment solutions on the market. Our patients can benefit from everything from laser gum treatment to the pinhole surgical technique. With Dr. Brown in charge, there is no need to worry about your oral hygiene or overall well-being as he’s committed to dental excellence.

Of course, you might want peace of mind if you’ve been suffering from inflammation. In that case, you can contact our dedicated team and request an appointment.