Periodontal disease is something that impacts as many as half of all of the adults in the United States. For those who are unaware, periodontal disease is gum disease. One of the key signs that you could be suffering from this condition is gum recession. Below, we will reveal more about this condition, as well as telling you more about the Pinhole Surgical Technique and why it is a better option than gum grafting.

Understanding gum recession

Gum recession can occur as a consequence of periodontal disease. This happens when the gum tissue margin around your teeth pulls back or wears away, resulting in more of the tooth being exposed or the root of the tooth. When gum recession happens, gaps or ‘pockets’ are created between the gum line and teeth, which makes it very easy for bacteria that cause disease to build up.

There are a number of different reasons why gum recession occurs, including aggressive tooth brushing and hormonal changes. However, one of the main reasons for gum recession is periodontal disease. This is a bacterial gum infection, which damages and destroys the gum tissue, as well as the bone surrounding the tissue that holds your teeth in position. Gum disease is, without a doubt, the main cause of gum recession.

The good news is that there are treatment options available when it comes to gum recession, and one of the best options is to have pinhole surgical treatment. But, what is this treatment, and is it the best option for you?

What is pinhole surgical treatment?

The pinhole surgical technique is a minimally invasive treatment that helps with gingival recession. Unlike other procedures, such as tissue grafting, this treatment will begin with the creation of a pinhole in the tissue of the gum that is receding. After the pinhole has been made, a special device is placed inside the hole.

This is a device that will peel and stretch the gum into a more suitable and healthier position on the tooth. After the gum tissue is in the position Dr. Brown desires, a collagen strip will be inserted into the pinhole that has been created in the gums. These strips will keep the gums in place, helping to create new tissue that is going to ultimately make sure the gums are secured in their new location.

What makes pinhole surgical treatment a better option than gum grafting?

Also known as a gingival graft, a gum graft can also be used to treat receding gums. With a gum graft, a periodontist first removes a tissue piece from the root of your mouth or from near to the healthy gum tissue. This is then attached to the area where your gums have started to wear away. While this is a treatment that is carried out by many dentists, we certainly recommend the pinhole surgical technique as a better option.

The main reason for this is because the pinhole surgical technique is minimally invasive. This means that there are no incisions and no graft site. As a consequence, you are only going to have one part of your mouth to care for. You can also expect the healing process to be much quicker.

Plus, with the pinhole surgical technique, collagen strips are used to keep the gums in place. With a graft, it is stitches that are used, which is a much more invasive approach. If you’re looking for something that is gentler on your gums, you will definitely prefer to go down the pinhole surgical route.

With pinhole gum rejuvenation, the discomfort and swelling are typically a lot less when compared with gum graft surgery. Overall, it is a treatment that is a lot less invasive and provides a quicker and easier recovery, and this is why it comes highly recommended.

Are you a candidate for the pinhole surgical technique?

If you are thinking about the pinhole surgical technique, you will want to make sure that you are the ideal candidate. Don’t worry, though, as this is something we will be able to discuss with you and assess during your consultation.

Nevertheless, there are certainly some factors that can make or break whether you are a candidate for the pinhole surgical technique. This is a good option if you have tooth sensitivity that has arisen due to your receding gums and/or you’re bothered by the cosmetic appearance of them.

If you are currently a smoker, please note that you will need to quit smoking in order to be considered for this treatment. It is also important that you are in good overall health.

If you are unsure as to whether or not this treatment is going to be the right one for you, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment so that Dr. Brown can assess your gums and find out about your general health. If this is not the best treatment solution, he will be able to recommend the right one for you.

Dr. Brown was the first periodontist in Philadelphia to provide the Pinhole Surgical Technique

We are proud to say that Dr. I. Stephen Brown was the first periodontist in Philadelphia to provide the Pinhole Surgical Technique! Therefore, when it comes to benefit from the best treatment for gum recession, you will struggle to find better than The Perio Group. After all, we have been carrying out this treatment longer than anyone else in the Philadelphia area, so you can have complete peace of mind when you choose our service.

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