Why Routine Dental Exams
are More Than Just a Cleaning

When you visit the dentist for a routine dental checkup, you should expect that you’ll leave the clinic with a mouth that feels clean and fresh. However, while that’s an enjoyable part of visiting the dentist, it’s not the primary reason you should make dental examinations a regular part of your schedule. In fact, it’s not even the secondary or tertiary reason for a checkup! While the cleaning aspect might be the most enjoyable part, there are other aspects of the exam that are more important.

In this blog, we’re going to look at just a few reasons why dental exams do more than just ensure your teeth are well cleaned.

Checking Your Dental Health

The word ‘cleaning’ may be used a lot in reference to your visit to the dentist, perhaps both by us here at The Perio Group and by you. However, we’ll do a lot more than simply give your teeth a deep clean! We’ll check your overall dental health, helping to identify current problems, seeing what issues might develop in the future if changes aren’t made, and all-around checking that everything’s in order. We’ll look at every aspect of your mouth, not just the cleanliness aspect.

Think of a dental exam as a full-service treatment. It’s a bit like when you take your car into the garage for routine maintenance. They will likely clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle, but that’s not why you took it there in the first place; you went to check that your car was working as well as it could and should. If there are any problems with your teeth, then the exam will flag it!

Healthy Gums

It’s normal to think that the main focus of your trip to the dentist will be the condition of your teeth. But this isn’t necessarily the case. A periodontist looks at the entire mouth to check for any issues, either present issues or future concerns, and especially those related to the gums. You can learn a lot about the condition of a person’s oral health — in fact, their overall health — by looking at their gums. If there’s anything amiss, then that’ll be a clear sign that there’s an underlying factor that needs addressing. This could involve treatment or a lifestyle change.

Overall Health Benefits

Scientists increasingly understand that no aspect of our health exists in isolation from the other aspects. Your mental health is linked to your physical health (and vice versa). And your oral health is linked to your overall physical health. If there are problems in your mouth, then there could well be a problem elsewhere in your body. There’s growing research that suggests a link between gum disease and a plethora of serious diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, among others. The earlier that gum disease is caught, the easier it is to manage. So when you make regular visits to the dentist a part of your life, you’re not just protecting your dental health; you’re also protecting your overall health, too.

Investing in Your Health

It’s always important to invest in your health. After all, your body will be the greatest vehicle that you ever own! In order to live your best life, then it’s important that you’re as healthy as can be. And sometimes, that requires an investment — of time, energy, and money. The good news is that the earlier you make these “investments,” the less you have to commit. Things related to your dental health become problematic — and, of course, more expensive — if they’re at an advanced stage. Regular dental screenings are intended to identify any issues at the earliest stage. In this sense, routine dental exams are simply a smart approach, both to your overall health and your finances.

Periodontists Know What To Look For

There’s a reason why people visit dentists, rather than relying on their own understanding of oral health or advice from the internet. Your mouth is unique, and it takes a professional that can make sense of the mouth in order to maintain excellent dental health. A periodontist such as Dr. I. Stephen Brown knows exactly what to look for when they’re peering in your mouth. They won’t just identify cavities but also investigate why you’re getting cavities; it could be from eating too much sugar, or there might be the wrong kinds of bacteria in your mouth. An experienced periodontist will be able to look beyond simply the condition of the tooth or gums and make connections that could help to improve your overall health. Ultimately, periodontists are there to help not only prevent any serious dental issues from arising — but to prevent general overall health issues from arising, too.

Also: Your Teeth Will Feel Clean!

We’ve talked a lot in this blog about how a routine dental exam is about much more than just cleaning. And it’s true! However, and of course, cleaning is also a big benefit to a trip to the dentist! It’s not the primary reason why you should schedule an appointment, but neither is it entirely unimportant. It’s always nice to have a super clean mouth! And your mouth won’t just feel cleaner — it may also look cleaner, too. The cleaning process can help to remove any stains or build-up of plaque on your teeth. And if you’re regularly visiting, then those things will never have too much chance to build up!

Ready For A Dental Exam?

If you’re ready to receive all the many benefits of a routine dental exam, then be sure to contact The Perio Group to schedule an appointment. Dr. Brown has the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your teeth and overall health are kept in optimal condition. Schedule an appointment today!