Dr. Stephen Brown Awarded
Advanced Pinhole Clinician Award

Advanced Pinhole ClinicianThe Perio Group is excited to announce that Dr. Brown has been awarded the Advanced Pinhole Clinician Award for completing training with world renowned Dr. John Chao in his ground-breaking Pinhole Surgical Technique for the treatment of gum recession. Due to this exciting new method, patients experiencing gum recession can now be successfully treated without more traditional cutting, or suturing. Instead, the repair is made through small “Pinholes” in the gum, allowing the insertion of specially designed instruments which permit gently correct the gum position with minimal invasiveness, less discomfort and significantly reduced healing time. Only a handful of Periodontists world-wide have earned the designation of Advanced Pinhole Clinician.

The procedures previously used to treat recession required two wounds, one to surgically remove gum tissue from the palate, and another to place the graft over the area of recession. The traditional approach required more invasive surgery and limited the number of teeth that could be treated in one session. If there were multiple areas of recession, several surgical procedures were necessary to correct them. The typical healing time for the previous method was much longer and only small areas could be accomplished. With the minimally-invasive Pinhole Surgical Technique, recession can be corrected on a potentially limitless number of teeth in one session. This method significantly reduces healing time and post-operative discomfort.

Dr. Brown states: “The key to The Pinhole Surgical Technique is that we do not rely upon traditional “cut and sew” gum grafting. The procedure is performed through tiny pinholes with specially designed instruments without scalpels, incisions or stitching. The gum tissue is gently shifted to cover the area of recession with minimal trauma to the adjacent tissue. There are no open wounds and healing is well advanced within twenty-four hours. Patients are amazed by the results and the lack of discomfort.”

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