A Model Mouth
Starts With a Periodontist

Do you want to have a model mouth? Wondering what that even means? Well, the model mouth is honestly different for each person. Each person has a different mouth, teeth, genetics, etc. But, it is possible to achieve the ideal, model mouth for you and your situation. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight.

Let a periodontist help you

If you have had issues with your oral hygiene in the past, it might take a little work to get back on track. But, with a periodontists help, it is possible to get your mouth into good shape and create a smile you can be proud of along with oral hygiene that makes you healthier and feeling better.

At The Perio Group, Dr. I. Stephen Brown is your periodontist in Philadelphia. Part of maintaining, or restoring, a healthy mouth and smile is about creating a consistent regimen that you follow. This includes many things. But, one of the most important aspects is to create a daily oral hygiene routine. This means brushing and flossing your teeth each day. Also, it means making healthy dietary choices. And, make sure to include visits to your periodontist.

Don’t forget your gums in your oral hygiene routine!

Focusing on your teeth and gums is essential. Many people tend to forget their gums. But, periodontal, or gum disease, can have negative impacts on both your health and appearance. A periodontist will help you make sure that your gums are strong and healthy. Gum disease has been linked to many other health problems including heart disease. Gums are the core of your mouth, and making sure you keep them healthy will also ensure your mouth smells better and feels better.

Scheduling a routine appointment with a periodontist like Dr. Brown can help prevent many oral hygiene problems such as gum disease and tooth loss. If you have never seen a periodontist, now would be a great time to start. We can help you develop the “model mouth” for you by helping you restore or maintain your gum health. If your gums are sensitive or you have problems with bad breath, we can help you address those issues.

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The Perio Group is happy to provide you with periodontal health restoration and maintenance. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer. Our friendly front desk staff are there to help.