Dr. I. Stephen Brown: 13 Time Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentist

Dr. I. Stephen Brown is a pillar of the medical community in Philadelphia. Specializing in periodontics, Dr. Brown was recently awarded Top Dentist in the field of Periodontics for an astounding 13th time. He’s a talented periodontist and known for excellence in compassionate care. Together with his team at The Perio Group, they provide periodontal care to patients throughout the Philadelphia area.

A Periodontist Who Cares

Your smile is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. It should be as beautiful as your personality. You wouldn’t trust your smile to just anyone. Periodontists are experts in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. When you go to a periodontist, you want to rest assure that they’re capable of acting on the signs and symptoms you’re experiencing. Dr. I. Stephen Brown is the most decorated periodontist in Philadelphia. In fact, he was recently honored with the award for Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Dentist in Periodontics for the 13th time. If you’re having periodontal symptoms and signs, make an appointment with Dr. Brown. He’s well qualified to help you.

About Philadelphia Magazine’s Accolade

Every year the editorial staff at Philadelphia Magazine goes through a huge number of nominations for deserving business professionals throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. They visit many of the nominees and grade their performance based on their personal experiences and the feedback of other customers. The businesses with the most consistently satisfied customers and who offer exceptional contributions to the community are chosen as finalists for the awards. Finalists are weighed and measured based on a set of criteria only known to the awarding body. Every year, Philadelphia Magazine chooses the final winner in each category.

Philadelphia Magazine’s accolades are prestigious and sought-after awards. It’s very rare for award winners to be graced with accolades more than once. Dr. Brown has been awarded 13 times, and he’s a well-respected member of the medical community. This award means a lot for winning businesses across the metro area, and this accolade makes it easier for new patients to hear about Dr. I. Stephen Brown’s exceptional oral health treatment in Philadelphia.

What Makes a Periodontist Great?

Empathy is the basis of morality, and it’s also the foundation of providing great care. Any healthcare provider should ask themselves how they’d want to be treated or how they’d want their loved ones to be treated. Then, they should treat their patients with that same high standard of care.

Periodontists are experts in periodontal disease. If you’re facing signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, you’re facing the possibility of losing your teeth. Your teeth are a critical component of normal, healthy, everyday life. You need your teeth to speak, smile confidently, and eat food properly. Dr. Brown understands the enormity of the importance of your teeth, and he’s dedicated to helping you save your teeth whenever possible. Dr. I. Stephen Brown is willing to go the distance to save your teeth, and he’s well known for going above and beyond for his patients. This is why he’s such a great periodontist.

While his dedication is admirable, the basis of his success is in his high level of formal training and education paired with his professional experience. After graduating from dental school, he learned his unrivaled skills from continuing education and his mentors. He was an adept student, and today he’s one of Philadelphia’s leading educators in the periodontics field. He regularly sponsors educational programs for promising students, and he’s well-known for his generous contributions to the dental sector. Dr. Brown works tirelessly to ensure the next generation of periodontists are ready to provide services that are as comprehensive and empathetic as his own.

Dr. Brown’s Best Kept Secret – A Great Team

Going to the dentist is incredibly stressful for many patients. Dr. Brown’s team is great at distracting patients away from their anxious thoughts and occupying their minds with thought-provoking conversations. This outstanding team is helpful, friendly, empathetic, and kind to patients while being precise and thorough consummate professionals. Patients are never left wondering what the next step in their care is. Every step of your treatment is explained to you as you go along so you don’t have to worry. The best part is Dr. Brown’s team ensures you’re comfortable throughout every step of your treatment.

The team of experts at The Perio Group can provide treatments from periodontics to dental implants, gum disease treatments, and more. They personalize your treatment plan to ensure you’re getting the right treatment for your needs.

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Philadelphia is lucky to have the 13-time award-winning Dr. I. Stephen Brown and his team. If you need periodontal treatment, call The Perio Group for a consultation appointment. You can speak with an team member who’s more than happy to answer your questions and schedule a new patient exam with Dr. I. Stephen Brown. Contact us today!