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Dear Steve:

It is rare that anyone takes the opportunity to express appreciation for professional relationships. I met you over 25 years ago, and our working relationship over the past years has been a model of collegial excellence defined by mutual respect, honest advocacy for the patient, and excellent and timely communication. So I take this opportunity to thank you for being you, my colleague, my friend.

– Sandy White
Sander White DDS

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Dr. Stephen Brown.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. I. Stephen Brown for over twenty years. He has been a mentor, and educator, a friend and an extraordinary Periodontist.

The marriage of periodontal and implant therapy and restorative dentistry requires not only top notch skills but the ability to share ideas and have two minds think and act as one. We have shared many patients and have been able to exceed their expectations. Dr. Brown’s extensive training and exceptional skills allow our patients to achieve predictable results.

When you speak of periodontal or implant care in Philadelphia, the name of Dr. Stephen Brown will be spoken. He is an educator of both dental students and practicing dentists. He is willing to share what he has learned to help others grow.

Dr. Brown helped me develop as a dentist and a person. He always knows the right words to say to inspire or console. I am grateful that he a part of my life.

Carl. E. Steinberg, DDS, MAGD

There are few times in a professional’s career when we are able to achieve a relationship with another professional that commands respect, gratitude and inspiration. My relationship with Dr. Stephen Brown is one of those coveted and cherished times.

Our bond has lasted well over 25 years and has been built on Steve’s desire to understand and enhance my thoughts and goals. Dr. Brown is not a man of “lip service”. He goes the extra mile for his colleagues. I have never met a periodontist who supports his colleagues by making them better. He does this in a manner that embraces their vision with an eye on improvement through continuing education, through shared marketing concepts, and through adapting to the evolving dental marketplace.

It is not coincidental that many people find Dr. Brown to be a charming individual. His charismatic personality makes the referral process to be safe, non-judgmental, and supportive. He is thorough and meticulous and exceptional in restorative concepts. Working with Dr. Brown gives you the security that you have another member on your team.

Lastly, I should say that I have never worked with an office that comes close to the way Dr. Brown’s office documents and follows up with my patients. This “housekeeping” is so great that it inspires me to constantly raise the bar in my office to care for my clients in a similar manner.

I wholeheartedly endorse the opportunity to work with this fine clinician and gentlemen.

– Dr. Jeffrey M. Rosenberg

It is my honor to recommend Dr. Brown for any periodontal needs including gum disease therapy, cosmetic gum recontouring, and implant placement. I have known him since 2001. I am a cosmetic dentist who has completed many cosmetic, implant and restorative patients with Dr. Brown during the past years. He is my number one clinician to whom I refer patients in need of cosmetic gum care and dental implants.

Dr. Brown has distinguished himself as a superb clinician, working in his profession over three decades. His competence, compassion and ethics as a periodontist are exemplary. In providing a broad spectrum of treatment, he has more than proven his ability to deliver difficult and complex implant dentistry to his patients.

Dr. Brown also has devoted much time to teaching other dentists his skills. He regularly lectures on topics to dentists in the Philadelphia area. He has a superb reputation with his colleagues as a mentor who knows much about everything. Dr. Brown loves what he does. Fortunately, Dr. Brown’s amalgamation of teaching and clinical skills comes packaged in a friendly, witty, sincere and caring human being. His personality is delightful. He is sensitive, respected and admired by patients and peers.

I am deeply impressed by Dr. Brown and recommend him unhesitatingly. I am confident that he would provide the same high level of service and commitment that he has in the past. If you are seeking a periodontist who has years of implant and gum experience, Dr. Brown should be your first choice.


– Dr. Ken Cirka

To Whom It May Concern;

As a restorative dentist I am committed to offer my patients a high level of esthetics and care. I am only able to deliver such service by working closely with skilled specialists. I was fortunate to first meet Dr. Stephen Brown at Albert Einstein Medical center when I was a dental student attending his lectures on implants. I was highly impressed. He is one of the most knowledgeable, articulate, and passionate doctors that I have encountered. I feel privileged to be able to work with him. I have adopted his belief, that a marriage between restorative dentistry and periodontal therapy is critical to successfully manage complex and challenging cases. His extensive training, experience and commitment to learning and teaching the latest techniques makes him one of the most accomplished periodontists in the country. He is truly one of my most valued colleagues.

– Dr. Deborah E. Backiel

Success in periodontal and implant dentistry is never a given. Thoughtful treatment planning combined with clinical competence are two essential ingredients. What makes Dr. I. Stephen Brown unique in a field of many is not just his high skill level and extensive experience but his commitment to a collaborative approach. Expected outcomes are thoroughly communicated – between patient, restorative dentist and periodontist – prior to the initiation of any treatment. Along the way, each has the opportunity to offer input regarding the best course of treatment for each unique patient. It is in this way that success is best achieved and not taken for granted.

For over 10 years I have worked closely with Dr. Brown in the treatment of many patients. He has earned my respect as a valued colleague. It is with confidence and trust that I refer patients to Dr. I. Stephen Brown.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric S. Cantor, D.D.S.
Advanced General Dentistry
1903 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA

Associate Professor (Adjunct)
Department of Restorative Dentistry
Temple University School Of Dentistry
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Dr. Brown: How I can thank you enough for allowing me to observe excellence in actions from the warm reception of your staff on the phone and at the entrance of your cool office to your delightful assistant, IT WAS UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT IN MY LIFE!

I have been thinking about everything I experienced in your company Thursday, and I feel more rich in knowledge, in connectedness(if that is a word) and more thirsty for the in a need to seek out more information to be a better practitioner for my patients.

Thank you for your unlimited generosity and patience.

Regards to all your team.

Milita G. Borguet, DMD
“designing smiles and loving it”

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