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Thank you for coming to The Perio Group for exceptional periodontal care. We aren't the cheapest in town because we strive to offer our patients the best periodontal care in Philadelphia using the latest and most advanced procedures. But we do our best to keep our prices competitive. Still, we recognize that the cost of some procedures can be prohibitive for our patients. We firmly believe finances should never prevent someone from receiving the high quality care they need. Here are some of the ways we can help you manage these costs.

Optimize Insurance Coverage: The first and best solution is to get your dental insurance plan to cover as much of the cost as possible. Our office staff is very experienced at working with insurance companies. It's obviously in their interest pay out as little as they can, but we know how to communicate with them to make sure you get the maximum coverage under your plan while minimizing the hassle on your part.

Many patients don't have insurance and even if you have a good dental plan, they don't cover everything. For example, most plans won't cover the placement of dental implants. If this presents a difficult financial burden for you, there are other things we can do to help.

Treatment Planning: If we know you're going to need multiple treatments, we can often spread them out to allow you to tackle the expenses one at a time. Of course, we want to take care of serious health issues as quickly as possible, but there are often procedures that can wait a little while. This option works well with things like dental implants because the entire process often takes place over a span of several months.

Short term payment plans: Especially with established patients, we can often break up bills into a few monthly payments to spread it out a bit.

Lending Club Patient Solutions and CareCredit: For a longer term solution, we've partnered with The Lending Club and CareCredit, two companies designed to provide affordable financing for health expenses. This may be the best option for patients who don't have insurance or for large procedures that aren't covered by insurance.

If you have concerns about financing your treatments at The Perio Group, feel free to discuss it with us over the phone or when you get to our office. We're dedicated to making your visit as painless as possible, both physically and financially. Contact us today.

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CareCredit is a credit card designed to help you finance your health and wellness expenses. With certain financing options you can pay monthly, making procedures and treatments more manageable.

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By breaking up the cost of your procedure into payments chunks, The Lending Club allows you to get the dental care you need today. Click here to estimate your monthly payment.

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