Cosmetic Consortium
Study Club History

The Cosmetic Consortium Study Club was founded by Dr. I. Stephen Brown, in 2000, to fulfill the perceived need for a Philadelphia organization devoted to the study of cosmetic dentistry. The membership represents a cross section of private practice dentists from the Delaware Valley who share a commitment to excellence in clinical dentistry.

The group meets for six evening presentations and one all-day program presented in the spring of each year. Over the past seven years the Study Club has included presentations by some of the most highly regarded names in our profession. These clinicians, who represent both academia and private practice, have explored a vast array of interesting topics that, in almost every case, have a level of relevance which is immediately applicable to every-day clinical practices.

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Local dental icons have included Morton Amsterdam, Leonard Abrams, Arnold Weisgold and Orhan Tuncay. The Annual Meeting has featured luminaries such as Donald Callan, Steven Chu, Mark Pitel, Neal Starr and Norman Feigenbaum, Paul Homoly and Ross Nash, who have been drawn from all over the USA.

The group has been arbitrarily limited to less than forty dentists. The objective is to provide the membership an enhanced opportunity for learning and a unique level of personal interaction with the invited speakers.

Additionally, the organization is unconditionally committed to the growth and development of young dentists by exposing them to the best and the brightest in the field. To that end, it is common for recent graduates and General Practice Residents to be invited guests at our meetings.

The Cosmetic Consortium has sponsored many sold-out workshops and hands-on programs in a variety of disciplines, such as dental implant prosthetics, adhesive dentistry and porcelain veneers. Considering its past and current programs and its commitment to excellence, the future is indeed bright for this exceptional organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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