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Laser Gum Depigmentation in Philadelphia
(Laser Gum Bleaching)

Laser gum bleaching is a cosmetic procedure to easily remove the brown or black patches that often occur naturally on gum tissue. The treatment is quick, pain-free, and will leave you with healthy, pink gums. Dr. Brown can complete your gum depigmentation in one or two visit at his Philadelphia office using his Periolase Laser, the same technology he uses for LANAP for treating gum disease.

The condition called gingival hyper-pigmentation or "dark gums" is caused by melanin in the surface of the gum tissue. It can affect people of all races and ethnicities, though it's more common in people with darker skin. The dark patches are usually natural, though smoking, systemic illnesses, and taking certain medications can also contribute to the condition.

Hyper-pigmentation presents no health risks, but some people simply prefer to have a smile with even, pink gums, which gum bleaching can provide.

Benefits of Gum Bleaching

  • Significantly lighter, uniform color in one visit
  • No scalpels or stitches
  • Patients report little or no pain during or after the procedure
  • Short healing time
  • The Periolase laser is proven safe for soft tissue
  • For most patients, the procedure only needs to be performed once
  • Many patients return to work the same day

The laser gum lightening procedure was developed in response to patient requests for a comfortable treatment to lighten dark gums. This procedure is much less invasive than older surgical techniques, completely safe, and demonstrably effective.

How Your Laser Gum Bleaching Will Proceed

When you come in, Dr. Brown will first check your gums to make sure they're healthy enough for the depigmentation procedure. Patients with advanced gum disease may need to have their infection treated before bleaching. When Dr. Brown begins the depigmentation treatment, he'll apply local anesthesia to your gums. Then he'll use his Periolase Laser to carefully and evenly lighten the visible surfaces of your gums.

The procedure takes one to two hours and is nearly painless. Some sensitivity will follow your laser gum depigmentation, which can be dealt with using over-the-counter analgesics. Many patients return to work directly after the procedure.

If you have questions about gum bleaching and would like to see if you are a candidate for this revolutionary procedure, contact The Perio Group today. Ask us about sedatives if it will make you feel more comfortable during your appointment. We are conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia.

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Laser Gum Depigmentation

Laser Gum Depigmentation